Privacy Satement

Music School Koper is aware of the importance of your privacy, which is why we make every possible effort to protect the confidentiality of personal details of our customers. The purpose of our Privacy Statement is to inform you of our privacy policy and the possibilities available to you in collecting and using data online. Our Privacy Statement is available at the bottom of every web page of the Music School Koper website.

statement Collection of personal details

You can visit the Music School Koper website without any identification or submission of personal details. However, on some web pages, you are required to enter your personal details, e.g. e-mail address, name, home and office address, phone number and other details, in order for us to execute your request. You have to submit your personal details to us in the following cases:

when using the online contact forms,

when participating in our online activitys, e. g. school enrollment, competitions, courses and others school activitys,

in case of your request for inclusion in the mailing list or other directory.

The exclusive responsibility for the authenticity of personal details and contact information rests with the users themselves. The acquired contact information is used for establishing contact with the user when necessary or when requested by the user. You may cancel your consent for processing your personal details at any time. In this case, Music School Koper will make all necessary arrangements for the immediate execution of your request.

statement Use of personal details

Music School Koper uses your personal details in order to execute your request, as well as for communicating with you: for providing answers to your questions, for submission of school notifications for our activitiys.

Personal details and contact information will only be used for the purposes for which they have been submitted, in accordance with your consent. We always notify you in advance of collection of personal details and the purpose thereof. In case of collection or usage for any other purposes than those for which you submitted your personal data, we will contact you regarding the acquisition of your consent.

statement Disclosure of personal data to third parties

Music School Koper shall not submit the personal details of its users to any other physical or legal entity without their consent. We reserve the right to access and reveal personal data with the purposes of compliance with the law, meeting of legal requirements, use of data in legal proceedings or protecting the rights and property of Music School Koper and our students or their parents.

statement Use of cookies and tracking technology

Music School Koper website uses “cookies” that enable the user to display and use our web pages in accordance with their personal settings. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer’s hard disk by the web server. Its main purpose is to store your settings and other data to your computer, so it’s not necessary to re-enter it upon the next visit to the same web page.

It is not possible to execute programmes or infect a computer with viruses with cookies. A cookie does not enable us to access your system or personal data in any way.

The use of cookies represents an established procedure on the majority of websites. The use of cookies is enabled by standard browser settings. If you do not agree with their use, you may modify your browser settings so that the acceptance of cookies is disabled; however, this may limit the capability of your communication with the Music School Koper website. Even if you have already accepted the cookies, you can still delete them later using your browser tools. Cookies are used exclusively for the purpose of optimising our web page to suit your wishes.

Music School Koper website also collects data on your usage of our website and online services. With our tool for website analysis, we may, for example, acquire information from your browser about the website from which you reached our website, the browser and keywords that you used to find us, the pages you viewed on our website, the data you viewed, or the screen width and height of your browser. With various tracking technologies, we may acquire information about the web pages you viewed, the links that you clicked and other actions that you performed on our web pages. In addition, we collect the usual information sent by the browser to every visited website, e.g. IP address, type and language of the browser, time of accessing and website addresses.

statement What cookies are used our site?

Company and type:  StatCounter  analytical cookie
Coockie name: / is_unique /
Duration of coockie: 5 - years
Description of coockieIt is used to determine the analysis of web traffic or. Statistics of visits. The cookie not contains presonal data of the visitor. It can be used for stop the analytical action of the web site cookie. This can be done on request of the user.

Company and type:  CMS on-line content
Coockie name: / phpsessid /
Duration of coockie: session
Description of coockie Used for showing on-line CMS content.

Company and type:  Coopermine foto galery
Coockie name: / coopermine /
Duration of coockie: 2 - years
Description of coockie Used for showing foto content of foto album Coopermine.

statement Privacy Statement modification

The Privacy Statement was last updated in June 2013. This Statement may be occasionally updated in accordance with the modifications of our services as well as on the basis of feedback from the users. Any modification of the Privacy Statement will be published on this site and the date of the last modification will be posted. In case of substantial modifications, we will notify you either by placing a visible notice on our website.
 statement Your questions and proposals
 In case of any question, hesitation or proposal regarding our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information, please submit it to us via the online form.

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