Accessibility statement

 This statement refers to the website, which is managed by the Koper Music School with branches in Izola and Piran (hereinafter: the School).

In order to ensure accessibility requirements in accordance with the Act on the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications (Ur. l. RS, No. 30/18 as amended, hereinafter referred to as the ZDSMA), the following adjustments were made systemically, with a plug-in:

- most of the visual material is equipped with an alternative text,
- adapted font of the website, which makes it easier for visually impaired people to read,
- appropriate color contrasts (between text and background),
- none of the content on the website is time-limited and does not expire.

The school's website also enables the following adjustments in other ways:

- text enlargement,
- use of different levels of addresses,
- availability of some material in accessible formats,
- special content in Slovenian sign language is available,
- responsive design (adjusting the layout of the content to the screen resolution), the website adapts to the size of the user's screen, without changing the structure of the website or losing the content,
- predictable operation of the website,
- the standard HTML language and extensions are used, which are supported by all browsers,
- possibility of customized typography,
- enabling images to be equipped with alternative text,
- flashing content is disabled,
- display of content for users of assistive technologies (screen readers, Braille line).

Compliance level
The website is partially compliant with the ZDSMA.
Some published content does not meet all accessibility requirements in accordance with the ZDSMA (hereinafter, inaccessible content).

Content not available

The accessibility of the website is constantly monitored and individual accessibility elements are continuously improved. Nevertheless, some of the published content does not meet all the accessibility requirements as defined by the ZDSMA. Due to the disproportionate burden on the school, the following materials are not available:

1. scanned documents in PDF format (internal acts and internal regulations),
2. software-generated documents (reports, internal acts and regulations),
3. complex tables with data or in the form of images that do not offer an alternative description,
4. non-descript photos and video content,
5. multimedia content (e.g. non-descript photos and video content),
.6 it is not possible to activate the functionality of changing the color scheme,
7. navigation on the page is currently not possible only with the keyboard, it will be possible with the renovation of the website.

This statement was prepared on 18/04/2023 based on a self-assessment and will be regularly updated in the future.

Feedback and contacts
We will try to make the content on our website even more accessible to different groups of users in the future. If you come across content that is not accessible or if you want additional information about inaccessible content, you can contact us by regular mail or email:

Koper Music School

Gallusova 2 / 6000 Koper

Phone: 05/66 63 600 or 05/66 63 601

Mobile: 040 631 041


You will receive an answer within 8 days of receiving the notification or request. If we are not able to answer you within this period, we will let you know when the answer will be given and what are the reasons for the delay in the answer.

Enforcement procedure

If you find deviations from the provisions of the ZDSMA, you can submit a report to the Information Society Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia (IRSID), at the address Dav─Źna ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana or by e-mail at the address:
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